Dreaming of a post-pandemic conference in Cairo

This post is about a conference that the ECLT graduate students at AUC and I are organizing, and what we are trying to accomplish with it. The conference, “Dreaming of Antiquity and Its Global Futures”, will take place, in sha Allah, in Spring 2022. Here is the call for papers (CFP), or rather, one versionContinue reading “Dreaming of a post-pandemic conference in Cairo”

On “ecoclassicism”; or, how I started caring about nature and ancient Greece

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how we humans come to care about the things we care about, whatever those may be: ancient monuments, endangered species, books, languages, family members, gender norms…. I was already thinking about that before I moved to Cairo last August, but living in a place where people care aboutContinue reading “On “ecoclassicism”; or, how I started caring about nature and ancient Greece”

Who’s afraid of giving?

Thanks to conversations with Sarah Stroup, Maha Bali, and Mayara, I’ve realized that my recent post about “gender toxicity” did not address the really crucial point about toxic masculinity specifically–namely, the source of the “insecurity” that, I wrote, “latches onto symbols of male dominance in an endless, futile quest for reassurance.” Assuming that insecurity existsContinue reading “Who’s afraid of giving?”